Class A office building in Northern Bucharest, Barbu Vacarescu Blvd/Fabrica de Glucoza St crossover
the lakeview

The City

Bucharest is the Capital of Romania, a city with a long history, full of traditions and an European cultural center open to the future. Founded in 1459 on the banks of the Dambovita River by the ruler Vlad the Impaler, Bucharest subsequently became the capital of the Princely Court. The foundation of Bucharest is linked to the name Bucur. According to different legends he was either a royal offspring, an outlaw, a fisherman or a shepherd. However one thing is sure: the name Bucur has a Thracian-Geto-Dacian origin. The name Bucharest (Bucuresti) also reminds us of the word ‘bucurie’ (joy).

In the second half of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century important buildings for the country were erected: the National Bank, the Academy of Romania, the Justice Palace, the North Railway Station, the Triumphal Arch on Kiseleff Avenue amongst other beautiful architectural gems. The city became an European cultural center, thus being given the name of ‘the Little Paris’.

Romania has joined the European Union in 2007 and has enjoyed recent years of GDP growth. The economy is still in the process of transformation and an educated workforce in Romania is becoming a popular location for businesses expanding in Central Europe.

The Building

Lakeview is a high profile class A office building of 25,564 sqm gross built above ground and 19,000 sqm gross built underground developed on a site area of 5,038 sqm land. It allows a rentable area of up to 2,338 sqm per level split in high rise (building A - 785 sqm) and low rise (building B - 1,515 sqm). The building is composed of 2 different height segments: GF+14+ technical floors and GF+7+ technical floors with 4 basement levels for parking and storage. The car parking can be accessed from Fabrica de Glucoza St while the main office entrance is accessible from Barbu Vacarescu Blvd. The building is also offering a restaurant with 150 seats capacity at ground floor level.


Conveniently located within sector 2, North of Bucharest - Lakeview office building rises on Barbu Vacarescu Bd not more than 2.5 km from Baneasa Airport and 10 minutes from Victoria Square. The site lies at the crossover of Barbu Vacarescu Bd and Fabrica de Glucoza street offering excellent amenities and good public transport due to metro stops, several tram and bus lines, while the whole area benefits from excellent connections to public transportation network (bus line - 135, 445, 567) tram line (5, 16, 36) metro at 500 m distance (Aurel Vlaicu station and Pipera station). Aurel Vlaicu metro station is a key amenity to the developments of the area as several sites have been secured by international investors due to the excellent mass transit. The area has become a preferred business location for many local and international companies due to its proximity to the airports, greenfield location and avoidance of traffic congestion in town centre.

The Owner

The Lakeview is a highlight asset of the NEPI Group in Romania. The Group is currently the most active investment fund on the romanian market, managing a number of properties from commercial centres to office and industrial buildings. More details on www.nepinvest.com